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Artists are
puppets that move in the same few directions
over and over again
in order to create something that makes
your mind
go in every direction
they see everything
from their table stand
to buy or sell
that is the question
to create
or hallucinate
imagining that you are a part
of society just because
you’re in it
contributing nothing
could be okay
an artist
don’t buy
adorn your hell
make it pretty
with your desires and wondrous thoughts of possibility
live in a paradise of intentions
reflected from pieces of art
the intention to love
the intention to grow
the intention to stand upside down
and live in a different world this way
be more beautiful
than anything you’ve seen
this side of illuminated
if you only imagine
you cannot create
then there will be nothing
when you are gone
and no one will remember you
as if you never existed
you were merely put into existence
move your paint
your ink
your arms
your instruments
life must evaporate
to show that it’s renewable
of value
sweat it out
excrete your desires on canvas
if you have to
squeeze out your soul
your impossibilities

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