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Padre! Paperback (signed)

Described as ‘that missing voice from Generation X’ by Roger Muntu from Voice of America, Raven fashions you front row seats to the ride of a lifetime.

She is a cultural, nonfictionist tyrannosaurus rex and her narration of the lives of Ivoiriens during her 2 years living in Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer makes you fall in love with this story and laugh out loud when you least expect it.

How do Ivoiriens define color, class, gender, sexuality, religion, and more, differently than you or I do? “Padre!” will enthrall you, surprise you, entertain you, and give you a profound, new view of the world that will help you to navigate it better at any level (continues…)

ISBN:9780989726603 (print)

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…In some ways, Moore goes through what many of us probably have, thinking we were going to be somewhere familiar or somewhere we viewed as home, only to feel like an outsider. In other ways, her experience is a funny, touching, honest portrayal of race in Africa and in America, and one person’s investigation into what race really means…

~Deidre Swesnik, RPCV and Director of Public Policy and Communications at the National Fair Housing Alliance~

…Before Padre! gets oversaturated in the personal of the author or the public of the Ivory Coast it transitions back to the purposefulness that kickstarted this voyage in the first place, the Peace Corps…

~Jason Williams, Journalist~

…Padre! isn’t just a tale about the haves and the have-nots. It’s a book about truth, complexity and laughter…

~Eric Kiefer, Staff Writer~

…Raven is that missing voice from Generation X and she gives this voice to you in the way Generation Xers would use it, when they would use it, and why they would use it. You feel like you are right there with her. She is that one writer who knows how to generate a global discussion without giving you a headache – making you want more.

~Roger Muntu, International Broadcaster~

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